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Stephen Bessant is a full time Professional artist. Born in 1954 in Dorset, England, he moved with his family to Australia in the late 50’s. He then went to Christchurch in 1960, attending Shirley Boy’s High School in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

In 1983, Stephen moved back to Australia with his wife and son, living in various cities on the East Coast, before moving to Perth in 1986.

In 1989 he painted and lived in Bangkok, Thailand, then went briefly to Singapore. He went back to Perth for 12 months, and then he and his wife Mary (also a professional artist) moved to Singapore, spending 5 years painting and exhibiting in Singapore and other Asian cities. While in Singapore, he helped set up the ‘Culture, Colour, Connection’ Art Group. Stephen moved back to Perth in 1997, and then he and Mary decided to move back to Christchurch in 1999.

'Tide Marks or Tyre Tracks?'
(Acrylic, Impasto & Found Objects on Canvas)
Stephen Bessant


In 2000, Stephen was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and spent the next 2 years fighting, and then recovering from it. Well again, he has produced a number of his distinctive works, selling them as soon as they are shown by various Sydney and New Zealand Galleries. He also, along with Mary produced the ‘ZENN’ Collection of artworks, sold throughout NZ and Australia. In 2004, Stephen started the ‘Waikuku Artists Inc. (W.A.I)’ Art Group with Mary and 20 other Artists. He was elected Chairperson of the W.A.I Art Group which had it’s first hugely successful exhibition in February 2005, followed by a second in 2006 and a third in 2007. This is now an annual event.

In a 1998 article for ‘The Sun’ Magazine in Malaysia; Stephen’s art at the time, was described as very ‘ambiguously Eastern and Western’. His recent works, although more geometric, are still heavily influenced by both Zen philosophy and Feng Shui.

Stephen has been involved in numerous exhibitions, and has helped set up various Art Groups. His works can be found in many private homes around the world and in large commercial premises.

The Hotel Nikko in Kuala Lumpur purchased works for their collection, as did the Duxton Hotel, (Presidential Suite) in Perth, the Regent Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Great World City in Singapore, and the National University of Singapore are but a few of the many corporations to own his work.

In 2006, Stephen and Mary decided they needed a new challenge, and proceeded to set up LOOK Gallery. They moved from their lifestyle block at Waikuku Beach, to a small cottage on the water front in Redcliffs, and set up their new gallery on Main Rd in 2007.


Stephen Bessant
Mary Bessant
Sheila Brown
Robin Eden
Colin Freeman
Eiko Kawaguchi
Andrew Lyons
Emma Kathleen Painter
Linda Pringle


Acrylic & Impasto on Canvas
Stephen Bessant
2 piece set - SOLD

'Searching'  102 × 76cm
Acrylic, Impasto, 24Kt Gold Leaf & Gold Leaf on Canvas
Stephen Bessant
'Less is More'  124 × 102cm
Acrylic, Impasto & Gold Leaf on Canvas
Stephen Bessant

'Untitled #10'
Acrylic, Impasto & Gold Leaf on Canvas
Stephen Bessant
'Earth Lines'  122 × 91cm
Acrylic, Impasto & Gold Leaf on Canvas
Stephen Bessant
'Random Thoughts'  61 × 46cm
Acrylic, Impasto & Gold Leaf on Canvas
Stephen Bessant SOLD

To purchase any artwork from LOOK Gallery please email us or visit the gallery at Redcliffs, ChCh. Lay-by is available for all art works.
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