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An American Artist born in 1968, who moved to New Zealand in 1994, settling by the sea in Christchurch.
Having worked as a landscape designer for the last eighteen years, this stimulating horticultural experience nurtured her artistic interests.
Sheila was the recipient of the Opening Award prize at City Gallery, Invercargill, for “Une Pear” in the prestigious Invercargill Licensing Trust Award exhibition in 2005.
She is now a full time artist. Mostly self taught, usually painting in oils and acrylics, although she enjoys watercolours and mixed media.
Having always lived by the sea and working intimately with nature, theses surroundings continue to influence her work dramatically.

'White Fronted Turn'
Acrylic on Canvas
'Surface of the Ocean'
102cm × 51cm
Acrylic on Canvas.
'Ocean Shag'
31cm × 40cm
Acrylic on Canvas.

'Playful Gull'
71cm × 56cm
Acrylic on Canvas.
'Above the Rooftops'
61cm × 30cm
Acrylic on Canvas.
'Above the Flax'
122cm × 91cm
Acrylic on Canvas.

'Dancing Gulls'
102cm × 76cm
'Above the Tide'
25cm × 31cm
'Above the Ocean'
31cm × 25cm

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To purchase any artwork from LOOK Gallery please email us or visit the gallery at Redcliffs, ChCh. Lay-by is available for all art works.
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