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Robin Is a New Zealand Artist now living in Redcliffs, Christchurch. Her work is largely realism with the occasional abstract paintings, all oils on stretched canvas. She specializes in landscapes and bird life.

Her work reflects her love for this beautiful country. Each painting depicts the many moods of the sky, rivers, lakes and seashore, as the scenery moves and changes with the mood of the day. Robin’s love of the country side has come from the many different places she has lived in as a child. From her roots in Invercargill to the more interesting places such as Somes Island, and the Queen Chalet Sounds where her schooling was by correspondence.

“Art and crafts were always in our lives as both my father and daughter are artists.” For many years Robin created and sold “original porcelain dolls” and “period costume figurines”. This meant sculpture, mould making, wig making, shoe making and dressmaking all in miniature.

Her hobbies have always involved her love of the great outdoors, 4 by 4 off-road driving, sailing and mountain biking. She never travels far without a camera to capture a sunset or a cloud formation she can paint.

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'Shag Rock on a Clear Day'   152cm × 50cm
Oil on Canvas
Robin Eden

'Moonlight on Shag Rock'   127cm × 102cm
Oil on Canvas
Robin Eden

'Early Morning Sun Over Shag Rock'   102cm × 51cm
Oil on Canvas
Robin Eden $400SOLD

'View of Moncks Bay, From Shag Rock to Redcliffs'
(Oil on Canvas. 182cm × 62cm)
Robin Eden

To purchase any artwork from LOOK Gallery please email us or visit the gallery at Redcliffs, ChCh. Lay-by is available for all art works.
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