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The Ex Files

Woman’s Tales of Love, Litigation, and Liberty

By Ellen Rosner Feig

Paperback, 240pages, 21.4 × 13.8 × 1.7cm


There are some things you can't really understand until they happen to you-and divorce is one of them. In this crazy time marked by emotional and financial upheaval, even the strongest, most optimistic women need the support of those who've been there. In The Ex Files, readers get the real deal on divorce-from the real women who lived to tell about it. Readers will laugh and cry along with:
Rebecca, who reclaims her sexual self after leaving her husband, who was perfect-except he could never get it up, even on their honeymoon Michelle, who discovers her "compulsive" spending is easy to control once she rids herself of a philandering husband Ariana, whose abusive husband never allowed her to have a job, parlays her first job in retail into designing clothes for department stores nationwide Carla, whose lazy ex tries to take the money her hard-working parents left to her-and finally fails miserably
In The Ex Files, thirty-five divorced women reveal the naked truth about what went wrong, why they got divorced, and how they survived the transition. Most important, they learn that they, too, can survive this tumultuous time in their lives-only to emerge stronger, wiser, and happier. Because living well is the best revenge.

About the Author
Ellen Rosner Feig (Hartsdale, NY) is a Development and Production Executive for Wallet Size Pictures and a screenwriter who has developed and sold twelve of her own teleplays to network and cable outlets such as Lifetime, ABC, Oxygen, HBO, and Showtime. She worked as an attorney for seven years and is divorced.
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