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Sex on the Couch

What Freud Still Has to Teach Us About Sex and Gender

By Richard Boothby

Paperback, 288pages, 22.7 ◊ 15.2 ◊ 1.7cm


At just the moment when many people are ready to throw Freud on to the ash-heap of intellectual history, Sex on the Couch rescues from Freud's theories a fascinating series of reflections on the nature of sexuality and gender.
Richard Boothby presents here a fresh and engaging view of Freud. Sex on the Couch offers new insights into our concepts of masculinity and femininity, placing them in relation to Freud's theory of the Life and Death drives. Richard Boothby also engages feminist critiques of Freud, putting forward new and specific responses to questions that have shaped contemporary understanding of feminism and psychoanalysis. Boothby's Freud, far from being passť, is in possession of insights that enrich our understanding of modernity and its distinctive character.
In a refreshingly readable style, Richard Boothby writes here not only for the scholarly reader but for the student and lay reader curious about Freud's theories and their use in contemporary world.

About the Author
Richard Boothby is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola College in Baltimore. He is the author of Death and Desire: Psychoanalytic Theory in Lacan's Return to Freud and Freud as Philosopher: Metapsychology after Lacan, both published by Routledge.
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