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Art Therapy

An Introduction

By Judith A. Rubin

Hardcover, 372pages, 23.5 × 16 × 2.2cm


What is Art Therapy? How do art therapists use art to understand and help people? What does the future of art therapy look like?

These questions and are answered in this comprehensive overview of the field of art therapy, the first of it’s kind.

This book provides a ‘map of the territory’ of this rapidly-growing discipline. Surveying the field from a both a historical and a current perspective, the book covers a wide variety of practitioners and approaches. The reader will learn how art therapy is used to asses and to treat people of all ages and conditions - in many kinds of settings, including clinics, hospitals, schools, prisons, community centres, and nursing homes.

Art Therapy: An Introduction brings art therapy to life with over 40 clinical vignettes and almost 200 illustrations of artwork and of art therapy in action. Offering a rich array of sources and resources, the book will be of interest to clinicians and teachers in many fields, such as psychiatry, psychology, social work, counselling, art, and education. An Appendix illustrates the process of art therapy with an unpublished case study by Laurie Wilson, Ph.D., ATR, Professor of Art Therapy at New York University and Faculty, Psychoanalytic Institute of N.Y.U.

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