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Man Ray
By Emmanuelle De L’Ecotais/ Katherine Ware
Edited by Ed. Manfred Heiting

Paperback, 224pages, 24.9 × 2.2 × 1.8cm


Man Ray was an artist unconstrained by rules who considered the medium in which he worked a mere convenience in the service of his ideas. Not only did he succeed in stretching the boundaries of what we consider photography, but he also challenged our notions of beauty to an extent that still informs our outlook today. Though he initially picked up his camera to photograph his paintings, Man ray became one of the moat inventive practitioners of photography in the twentieth century. By assembling a vocabulary of seldom-used darkroom techniques he freed photography from its reputation for recording the observable world and used it to create images drawn from the imagination. Little did he know that not much more than a decade after his death, this body of work - which he suppressed in the last decades of his life - would come to rank among the world’s most highly respected collections, or that individual photographs from it would consistently record prices at auctions.
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