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You Can Find Inspiration in Everything*

*And If You Can't, Look Again

By Paul Smith

Paperback, 296pages, 25.5 21.9 2.4cm


Unlike any other fashion designer at work today, Paul Smith has managed to combine a flair for eccentric, subversive detail, a dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and a business and marketing sense that has made him simply the most successful designer in British history. But this publication is not a fashion monograph; it is not a catalogue of suits. Rather, imagine Paul Smith's brain on a page: cleverly original and often humorous thoughts and ideas, perfectly executed, not just on the back of a man or a woman, but in shop windows, in advertising campaigns, in toys, photographs, and souvenirs brought back from travels throughout the world that became the inspiration for the look of a season. Words and images crash together in striking contrast to reveal the passions and amusements of a designer committed to both modesty in his pursuits and stunning innovation. Designed by Alan Aboud, Art Director for Paul Smith for more than a decade, and with a slipcase designed by Jonathan Ive (famed designer of the iMac), this publication will bring together observations, images, and, in its own unique design and production, all of the extraordinary qualities possessed by Paul Smith himself.
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