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Lead Yourself

Be Who You Are & What You Want to Be

By Mick Cope

Paperback, 208pages, 19 ◊ 12.3 ◊ 1.3cm


Would you like to have a clear direction? To have greater purpose, passion and persistence? Would you like it to be easier to make choices and bring others on board in all that you do?

Then itís time to be who you are and who you want to be.

Personal leadership is about regaining control of your life. It is the first step to greater success in everything you do Ė those who demonstrate personal leadership are those other people want to follow (not just because a title like Ďmanagerí or Ďfatherí says they should).

Purpose, passion and direction donít appear by accident. It takes determination, action and a desire to be the master of your own life. This is the book to help you shed doubts and assumptions and develop the ability to make choices that are right for you, without being a slave to the needs of others.

Itís time to take control of your own destiny. Time to Lead Yourself.

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