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LOOK Gallery is now a COMMISSION FREE Art Gallery. 

LOOK Gallery has been operating now for 4 years, and the Espresso/Bacaro Bar for over 3 years, in the pretty seaside suburb of Redcliffs. The exciting news is that the Gallery now sells all the art with no added commission. So Customers can now purchase Artist's works at studio direct prices and contact the artists directly if they wish.

This new business model took effect on the 20th January 2009. This now means that the Gallery no longer has a commission or markup added to the Artist's price on their works. The retail price for all art will now be determined by the Artist, and the Artist will receive the total amount from the sale. LOOK Gallery receives its revenue by charging the Artist for a rental space (a wall or pedestal) on a monthly (4 weekly) basis.

ARTISTS: Prices start as little as $25 a week + GST  to rent a space in the Gallery to sell your work and advertise. Please email us if you are interested in renting a space. (Rental prices are determined by the size of the area you wish to rent).

ART COLLECTORS: LOOK Gallery also caters for the Secondary Art Market. So if you are an Art Collector, you may like to sell some of your art collection at LOOK Gallery, without any added charges or commission by the Gallery. This is an attractive way to sell works you have invested in. No Buyer's Premium and No Seller's Premium!  Prices start as low as $25 a week + GST. Please email us if you are interested in renting a space. (Rental prices are determined by the size of the area you wish to rent).

<<Download Our Application Form to Rent A Space

Terms and Conditions:

Rental is required to be paid in advance. To be able to continue keeping your space and sell your work, payment needs to be made before the new 4 weekly rental date starts. Payment can be made into LOOK Gallery's bank account directly over the internet if you wish. Please contact us for the bank account number for direct payments.

All art sold in one month in the gallery is paid on the 20th of the following month. Therefore, if an artwork is sold in June for example, LOOK Gallery pays the artist/art collector for the sale on the 20th of July.

When an artwork is sold there is a service charge which includes a 3.49% bank eftpos fee and $5 bubble wrap packaging fee. It is important that the artist/art collector is aware of this.

Any freight costs for a sold work is separate from the sale of the item and LOOK Gallery will not absorb any freight costs. This is an extra expense the Customer purchasing the work will be charged for. Also, artists and art collectors sending their work to the gallery need to be aware that the return of their work from the gallery back to them if it doesn’t sell, will not be paid for by the Gallery. This is the responsibility of the artist/art collector.


LOOK Gallery does not take responsibility for the insurance of single items of art sold in the gallery. This is the responsibility of the owner of the work (artist/art collector), as LOOK doesn’t make any revenue out of the sale, sells the work “on behalf ” and doesn’t own the work.

LOOK Gallery takes no responsibility for the authenticity of any artwork sold in the gallery. However, every endeavour is made by the Directors Stephen and Mary to find out the background and provenance of the work, and often works sold in the gallery come accompanied with an authenticity certificate.

While every care is taken for the work while it is in possession of LOOK Gallery, the gallery will not be responsible for any damage to the work by members of the public whilst in the gallery.

Copyright © 2011 LOOK Gallery Ltd. All rights reserved. All images remain copyright of LOOK Gallery Ltd and/or the Artist.