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An exhibition of original, figurative oil paintings created by the up and coming artist Emma Kathleen Painter.  Click here to view Exhibition Gallery >>>

I have been painting professionally for only a short time, but it has always been a talent and passion of mine. I am self taught, as I believe that being taught by someone else first would never let me develop my own true style, uninfluenced by another. I have plans to study art in the future, but at the moment I’m enjoying taking the world of art as it hits me, learning much as I go. I have many artists who inspire me; Andy Warhol and Edward Hopper are just a couple. I mostly paint in Oils… very messy I’ve gotta say. And I also often sketch in Charcoal, which I love as it gives such a strong contrasting black & white picture. My composition is mostly portraiture, but I am still experimenting and learning… so naturally other things tend to happen… like Lions or Roses for instance.

I believe art is about expression and emotion. To display that in a physical form, or painted on a canvas is what makes art amaze me, it’s what makes it beautiful.

I am only 19 years old, but I would say in my defence, that I think I have been though a lifetime of feelings, enough to give my work the strong emotion & expression it holds.

'La Vie en Rose'
(The Life of a Rose)
61cm × 122cm
Oil on Canvas
Emma Kathleen Painter
'Living It'  
152 × 75cm
Oil on Canvas
Emma Kathleen Painter

'I Mondi a parte'
152cm × 76cm
Oil on Canvas
Emma Kathleen Painter
'John Lennon'
(Charcoal on Art Paper. Framed. 88cm × 82cm)
Emma Kathleen Painter

This drawing was inspired from a photo from a london Newspaper not long before john died, it was taken by his friend Bob Gruen, who was kind enough to let me draw it. Thanks Bob.

Stephen Bessant
Mary Bessant
Sheila Brown
Robin Eden
Colin Freeman
Eiko Kawaguchi
Andrew Lyons
Emma Kathleen Painter
Linda Pringle


To purchase any artwork from LOOK Gallery please email us or visit the gallery at Redcliffs, ChCh. Lay-by is available for all art works.


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