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The Complete Guide to Digital Illustration

By Steve Caplin and Adam Banks

Paperback, 192pages, 25.9 × 23.6 × 1.5cm


Digital illustration is a revolution, and this is a frontline report. The Complete Guide to Digital Illustration covers the whole breadth of this exciting field, from the most stylized line-drawn artwork to photorealistic 3D animation. This comprehensive review is a must for anyone with an interest in the graphic arts.

-Showcases the most exciting and inspirational work from leading international illustrators, complete with ‘behind the scenes’ secrets.

-Tips and practical workthroughs make advanced techniques accessible. Discover how to work more effectively and expand your creative horizons.

-Real-world advice on everything from buying the right hardware and software to exhibiting your work and developing a career.

Packed with beautiful, full-colour examples, The Complete Guide to Digital Illustration is a perfect introduction to this fast-moving world, and essential reading fort he forward-looking professional.

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