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Encyclopedia of Sculpture Techniques

By John Mills

Paperback, 240pages, 24.8 × 18.7 × 1.9cm


The definite guide to studio practice in sculpture from one of the world’s leading sculptors. Arranged alphabetically for easy reference, it gives detailed explanations for a range of traditional, contemporary and experimental approaches to sculpting in a variety of materials, including clay, concrete, glass, metal, polystyrene, plaster of Paris, resin (polyester) and wax. Every aspect of sculpture is covered, from studio equipment and preparation to handling the materials and surface finishes.

Entries include:

Casting from life; Fibreglass; Modelling in wax; Welding ; Wood Carving; Stone carving; Glass; Lighting Sculpture; Reinforcing; Scaling up and enlarging; Sand box casting; Piece moulding

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sculptor, this illustrated and authoritative compendium of sculpture techniques is an indispensable companion in the studio.

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