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The following paintings and artworks are all original and are for sale from private collections.
There is no commission added to these artworks. Contact LOOK Gallery if you are interested in any of these works.
'Towards Mt Grey, North Canterbury', 2007
John Coley
Watercolour, Framed
$950 SOLD


'Towards Morrocan Coast'
Margaret Stoddart
Watercolour, Framed 


'Small Pakiri Painting', 1977
Dick Frizzel 
$1,975  SOLD
'Opshop Girls with Gifts', 1992
Pat Hanly
Pencil on Paper, Framed
$1,850 SOLD


'Arthur's Pass' 
William Moore
Oil on Canvas, Framed
$2,400 SOLD
'Reef Head'
Steve Fullmer
'Taylors Mistake', 1892
John Macintosh Madden
'The Dreamer, AA Deans'
John Badcock
Oil on Canvas, 2nd Prize Adams Portrait Prize
$22,000 SOLD
'Fishing Boats', 1937
Blyth Fletcher
Watercolour. Framed
'The letter P'
Phillip Trusttum
Original on Canvas, Framed
$1,390 SOLD
'Governors Bay'
Elizabeth Baird Friberg
Watercolour. Framed
'The Tea Party', 2005
Jacquelyn Greenbank
Wool Knit & Crochet
$700 SOLD
'Cross Section'
Andrew Drummond
Mixed Media on Paper. Framed
$2,800 SOLD
'Taylor's Mistake' 1968
Barbara Blakemore Fowler
Watercolour, Framed
$650 SOLD
'Guitar', 1990
Keith Patterson
$850 SOLD

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