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LOOK Gallery is an Art Gallery with a Specialty Bookshop and Bacaro Wine Bar. It has light tasty food (cicchetti), C4 Coffee, and a great selection of fine wines. There are two Gallery areas, plus an artist studio, an outdoor Courtyard and LOOK's Bookroom. It is also now open late on Friday evening until 8pm.

The business is owned by professional artists; Stephen and Mary Bessant. Both Stephen and Mary have lived overseas and worked and exhibited internationally most of their lives. Their art is in both private and corporate collections in a variety of countries including: Australia, Holland, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, U.S.A. and the U.K.

LOOK is located in the pretty seaside village of Redcliffs in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stephen and Mary both have their working art studios on-site, and as well as their own works, have a large display of numerous other artists’ pieces in many mediums. There is also an ongoing ever changing collection of works for sale from Private Collectors. 

What makes LOOK Gallery unique, is that it is New Zealand's only COMMISSION FREE Art Gallery and Wine Bar, selling art throughout the whole gallery at commission free prices. Artists rent a space and sell their art at their price without any markup. Read more about it on our rental page.

LOOK Gallery’s specialty books are all inspirational and motivational, including a variety of ‘creative’ books and ‘personal and business development’ books. 

To read more about our business and the new business model we have developed for LOOK Gallery, click here to read an article on the Business Page of THE PRESS newspaper.

'Untitled No.10'
(Acrylic, Impasto & Gold Leaf on Canvas)
Stephen BessantSOLD


'Dancing Girl'
(Acrylic, Alkyd & Impasto on Canvas)
Mary Bessant SOLD

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